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 Hi everyone, Ji Rin here. 

I would like to let you know that as of now I have plans of shutting down this blog.

Livejournal is not cooperating with me in posting up my fics and some links.

I have thought of transferring my works to a new account that I have created in wordpress that under a different username, kwon-jidae.

YGL users who are reading this, not to worry, I am going to be editing the links in my intro so you can still see my fics.

I have heard that wordpress does a good job in handling fics and you can see statistics for your posts.
I have yet to work in a new environment again. 
I will be taking this blog down 24hours from now, Singapore Time.
I am also taking down my second fic tumblr because all of my work has been deleted for some reason I do not know. 

The bad side is that everything is gone because I haven't saved them.
I have to copy and paste everything that I have here and restart my very first jongkey fic. 
It hurts me very much since I trusted LJ and stuff, but they don't work with me anymore. They chose to disappoint me. 

I also trusted tumblr, but seems like I have been opened up because of my work.
My classmate knows my facebook password which is identical to my tumblr password so I am now taking precautions and shutting down my fic blogs and changing the passwords of my existing social network accounts (facebook, twitter, youtube and tumblr).
As of now I am very devastated because I have lost all the fics that I have recently started and worked on diligently, I should've saved a back-up copy.
I am now regretting everything that I didn't do that could save my work.
I am very sad right now, and as of 2:30 pm Singapore time tomorrow, I am shutting down this blog, as I still have to copy down all my existing works in this blog to my wordpress.
I love you guys, I'll miss you a bunch.
My first post tagged as "!spazz". Keke~

Here we go!


LooL... Don't you notice that 2NE1 has the characters "1E2"?  1E2 is my class. Wee... 

"With 2NE1 and Blackjacks, beat that."
-- Teddy Park

Please visit YGLadies.com. You're in for a surprise. 30,000+ people from all over the world with one thing in common. Love for 2NE1.

hope to see you there!

I'm usually found in the
Game of Blackjack - Stay Together (Pairings) thread, either in the Taeminzy (Taemin/Minzy) topic thread, the ChaeKey (Chaerin/Key) topic thread, the 2SHINee1 (2NE1 & SHINee) topic thread. And also the In The Club - Writer's Corner (Fanfictions) thread.



"DSP Media will be making an official statement regarding the contract terminations reported by Jung Nicole, Han Seungyeon, Kang Jiyoung, and Goo Hara of KARA. We received a one-sided declaration from their lawyers, Landmark, on January 18th, but Goo Hara has decided not to join the others in terminating her contract.

According to their claims, the 10-month hospitalization of CEO Lee Hoyeon caused the management to become inefficient in planning and promoting the group’s activities, but that is not the truth, as the CEO’s wife ran administration in place of the CEO. KARA’s explosive popularity with the Hallyu wave in Japan testifies to these efforts, further proving that the management did not mishandle their activities.

CEO Lee Hoyeon was not able to run the company himself beginning March of 2010, and KARA’s Japanese achievements were made five months later in August. DSP Media has done all they can in supporting and preparing KARA’s Japanese advancement.

Regarding the income distribution claims made by Nicole’s mother and their lawyers, the information they revealed was distorted and is a complete misunderstanding. Income was distributed in a manner that was most profitable to the KARA members, and unlike what they claimed, every employee was paid at the same time the moment profits were received.

They also claimed that DSP used its stature to force unwanted schedules and activities, but this is also a baseless claim. This is a claim that only defames the company employees who have worked their hardest to raise KARA as one of Korea’s top groups and leaders of the Hallyu wave.

And regarding speculations from another report about a competing agency attempting to persuade their parents and lawyers to terminate the girls’ contract with DSP, we ask that they stop such actions immediately. Should such requests be made repeatedly, we will make sure that they are met with legal consequences.

As the company that has poured their sweat and effort into creating who KARA is today, we hope that such issues are no longer exaggerated. Should there be issues between both parties, adjustments and reconciliation should be the appropriate step in continuing to promote themselves as a representative girl group of Korea.

Hara has decided not to comply with the terminations she submitted earlier today with the other members.

Regarding their Japanese drama "URAKARA", they’ve already filmed four episodes before this so we have about three weeks of time left. We are looking forward to drawing a positive decision with the KARA members before then."

(taken from allkpop.com)

Who Are You? - Skydragon fic

Jiyong's alarm clock starts ringing for ten minutes straight and Ji Dae is the one who wakes up, goes to Jiyong's room and turns off the block of black and red before taking out its batteries and dumping it in the trashbin in annoyance then she stomps back to her room and returns to dream land. Jiyong, on the other hand, is shocked at the sudden disappearance of the beeping he was accustomed to hearing every morning. Meanwhile, Gaho has finished his business in the kitchen. "Yah, Gaho, I know what you're doing!" Ji Dae yells from upstairs and Gaho runs around the house. The phone starts ringing. Ji Dae then picks up and starts 'talking' in her most professional voice that she could muster. "Hello, you have reached Movie Phone. If you would like to watch Despicable Me, press 1. If you would like to watch the AKB48 Documentary, press 2. If you would like to watch 71-into the fire, press 3." then she hung up and snickers to herself.

Meanwhile, on the other line:
"Yah, Lee Ji Dae! Stop fooling around! It's me! Omma!"
"Aahh! That kid! Seriously!"

Ji Dae couldn't return to sleep so she took out the bread and returned to her room, where she blasted Jinusean's 'Phone Number', which made Jiyong fall out of bed. He stumbled into Ji Dae's room. "Yah, you! Who are you and what are you doing here!" he yelled at the young girl and she threw him a CD case. "Have you heard of knocking?" she said with a hint of attitude. Jiyong picks up the CD case and reads its title. "Yang Goon," he read out loud. As soon as he realized what he just read, he pointed at his daughter accusingly. "Yah, y-you-"
"I have a name Jiyong-sshi." she smart-mouthed. "Yah, Lee Ji Dae, where did you get this?" he raised the CD case for her to see. "Omma gave it to me." she replied simply. "Alright, kid," he neared her and lowered himself to her. "I don't know who you are, who your mother is, and how you got YG's album, but one thing's for sure, I only you agreed for you to stay here so that I won't get into a scandal. Don't you know who I am?" he whispered aloud. The pre-teen merely blinked. "Airsh! You punk!" and he stomped out of the room. Ji Dae returned to her attention when she realized what Jiyong took from her. "Y-yah! Give me back my CD!" she yelled out of her door. Jiyong tossed the CD to the floor, and the CD went floor-surfing all the way to the guest-room's doorfront.

The entire day went through without a hitch, Ji Dae not bothering Jiyong, Jiyong preparing for a party and randomly entering Ji Dae's room to check on random things. "Yah, Ji Dae, do you have a copy of Jinusean's A-Yo?" Jiyong pushed open the door, and Ji Dae was drying her hair and threw a CD case to his direction. Jiyong catches the CD case and exits the room without a word.

That night, loud music was blasting through the speakers and there were lots of people. Tonight was the launching of the first full-length album of YG's new artist Yoon Seung Ji. It was already 11:30 and the party hasn't subsided yet. Poor Ji Dae was stuck in her room, attempting to sleep. She has tried everything, even sleeping in the closet, but nothing works. She was going to cry any minute now. She sighs for what might as well be the fifteenth time tonight. Suddenly someone opened her bedroom door, singing at the top of their lungs "Wooaahh~~~~~!!" Ji Dae then hid herself under the sheets and the person still kept singing at the top of his lungs. Wait a minute... He knew that voice... She then looked out of her sheets. Kang Daesung of the broken-up boy group Big Bang? With a bottle of Soju? Ji Dae whimpered and she unexpectedly squeaked. Daesung heard her squeak and stumbled around the room. He opened the covers and saw Ji Dae. His eyes widened. "Yah, Kwon Jiyong! I didn't know you kept the girls you slept with in your house!" Dae Sung yelled. Ji Dae cringed. Jiyong slammed the guest room door open. She was so dead.

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Who Are You? - Skydragon fic

New Fic by me! Yay! I'm aiming from at least five to ten chapters of this one. Please comment! Please and thank you!

Title: Who are You?
Pairing: Skydragon!
Genre: Family, Romance, Friendship
Summary: Jiyong wakes up to a thirteen-year-old standing on his doorstep and refuses to leave.

Jiyong wakes up to the sound of his alarm clock. He takes it in his hand and throws it to the closet, where Gaho jumps of fright. His phone then started to ring incessantly. "Yoboseyo?" he answered drowsily. "Yah, you Kwon Jiyong, the song you left last night was the We Got Married song for Taemin and Minzy! (Sorry! Couldn't resist!) You probably gave them my song too! Get it back!" Daesung yelled into the phone. "Why don't you call them and switch? I'm taking a leave."
"Stop taking leaves Jiyong! If this was a corporation you would have run out of leaves already!"
"Come on Sung, I'll be in tomorrow, promise."
"Yah, Kwon Jiyong, you liar-"
Jiyong already hung up on Daesung before he got any further. His phone rang again. "What!?"
"Good morning Mr. Kwon Jiyong, I think you gave us the wrong song for We Got Married." Minji jokes. "Yah, Minji-yah, just go back and get the song from Daesung, araji! Aigoo..."
"But we're in Gwang Joo-"
"Aigoo, I'll mail it to you!" then Jiyong hung up again. He sighed, then Gaho started barking. "Stop shitting on the floor you damn dog!" Jiyong didn't mean to snap at Gaho, but he was tired as hell. Usually Gaho would stop as soon as he's done with his business, but he never did. Jiyong then got up and trudged along the house to his dog. "What is it?" he asked drowsily. Gaho kept barking at the door. He then opened it to find a kid sitting on his front door, listening to her iPod. As soon as she looked up, her eyes lit up. "Took you long enough," she got up from her spot and took her luggage inside. Jiyong moved out of the door reluctantly. "Oh my god, Omma was right, you are a slob." she stated. "Uh, excuse me, who are you?" he asked in the nicest voice possible. "I'm Lee Ji Dae, but if you count me as a daughter, I think it's Kwon Ji Dae..." she looked thoughtful. "I guess you have the wrong house..." he said, pushing Ji Dae out. "Oh-ho-ho, no I did not. I always get everything right and if you call me wrong, I might not be the real Ji Dae," she then paused then she chuckled to herself. "Of course I get everything right, my father is THE G-Dragon." she smirked. "Me? A-a-a father?" Jiyong stuttered. Ji Dae nods and reaches for her sling bag and takes out a folder. "Here," she hands it to him. "It contains my birth certificate, my baptismal certificate, my French citizenship, my American citizenship and my school records. It may take a long time to digest, I know, I've seen movies that have been patterned like our life." She explained. Jiyong read the birth certificate and gulped.

Name: Kwon Ji Dae
Born on: December 10 XXXX

His eyes hovered over the parents' section.

Father's name: Kwon Jiyong
Occupation: Performing artist

He looked onto the mother's section. Everything was blurry and blotchy, like it was wet with water. He turned to Ji Dae who was introducing herself to Gaho. "Who's your mother?" he asked. "Yeah, about that, she purposedly wet that thing to not reveal herself. She said to not tell you who she was." she explained before turning back to the dog. "Alright, because I'm a respectable person, I'm keeping you in here until I find your mom. Then I'm going to return you to her." he crouched down. The girl only said a simple "응," not tearing away from the dog. "Alright! Rules," he clapped his hands. "I know. I'm not allowed to call you 'appa', I'm not allowed to come out of whatever room you assign me to, I'm not allowed to show my face to your friends, I'm not allowed to go out, you can't help me with homework so I won't ask you, and I will pretend that I am a ghost and I have to fend for myself and not be in your presence even though we are in the same roof." she counted off using her fingers. Jiyong looked at her in awe. "You sure watch those movies too much. Come on, you're sleeping in the guest room." then Jiyong led her to a secluded area of the house. He opened the door and Ji Dae was amazed. "Wow! You and Omma have so much in common! You both like black and white!" she then sat herself on the bed. The walls, doors and the floor were all white, but the furniture was all black. The bed, the closet, everything. "Settle yourself down, and don't show yourself." he said and slammed the door close. As soon as the door closed, her phone rang. "Yoboseyo?"
"Ji Dae-ah, are you in yet?"
"Yeah, I'm in the guest room."
"Are you fine with this hun?"
"I'll be fine, I'll call you when I'm bothered."
"I'm sorry I have to do this to you."
"It's okay mom, just rest up."
"I'm really sorry hun."
"It's fine mom."
"Oh, why don't you start unpacking and I'll call you around 8, okay?"
"Okay. Bye."
Ji Dae hangs up and looks around the room one more time. "Omma, Appa, I hope you get together again." she mumbles. "Ji Dae hwaiting!" she whisper-yells with a slight smile on her face and she starts unpacking.

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Writer's Block: Best video of the year

What's the best music video of 2010?

For American/English songs, I would have to say Rihanna's Only One. But I'm sorry if you think it wasn't that good, because I was actually focusing on her gorgeous red hair. :)

I'm not a English songs type of person, I'm more of a K (Korean)-Pop fan.

So for K-Pop (Korean songs), it would be...
  1. 2NE1's Can't Nobody. It's a mix of the old 2NE1 and the new 2NE1.
  2. Miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl. It was so classy and so fun to watch at the same time.  
  3. SoShi's Hoot! Taeyeon is the love!  
  4. 2NE1's Go Away! I never knew CL was such a good actress!
  5. B2ST's Beautiful;
  6. and Breathe.
  7. And finally, SHINee's Hello. Although I didn't like Taemin's hair in the video... 

I'm not being very active am I? Writer's block, sorry. But I found this cute and sad little prompt on community.livejournal.com/beastattack.
It sorta broke my writer's block and I decided to try it out. Have fun!

Taemin has been permitted to date Minji, by YG and SM themselves.
Minji was over-ecstatic she almost fainted. Good thing her unnies were there to witness everything.
Taemin was over-ecstatic he almost fell off the window of the laundry room, good thing Omma Key was there.
As a congratulatory gift, Bom and Minji were transfered to a three-room apartment beside CL's and Dara's apartment, Taemin was going to be moving in with them.
Key wanted to jump ship for his/her son, but he wasn't allowed to. The members were depending on him.
Jonghyun whined at the news. Why wasn't he allowed to move in with Se Kyung?
SHINee then was moved to the apartment above CL's and Dara's, much to Dara's joy.
The two love birds were announced to be dating, much to the fans' shock, receiving millions of hate mail, but then they all calmed down at the renewal of 2NE1 TV, then their pairing rose to the second spot, right after the Adam Couple.
Everything was perfect.

At night they would watch the news after dinner, always monitoring the part where they report about the idols.
Taemin, being the more naive out of the two of them, would always ask Minji about this and that. Why North Korea was attacking them again, what the problem was with Black Friday, and Minji would always answer with her endearing smile.
Then there was a night where the news said that Taemin denied their relationship. Minji's eyes widened, then distanced herself from Taemin.
"Why are you ignoring me?" he asks, bursting into Minji's room. "It's because you're denying us."
"Well, I'm sorry for protecting our relationship!" he sarcastically replied. "So the press conference was for nothing?" Minji looked at him. "Well, no, I mean yes, I mean," Taemin stuttered. Minji sighs and gets out of the apartment and enters CL's and Dara's apartment. Bom then calls SHINee telling them to pick Taemin up.
The next day, Minji is gone.
She went home.
Taemin is blamed for everything.
At night, he sits there in front of the TV as usual, only there is no girl beside him where he could lean his head on. The news started talking about something he does not understand, and he has the urge to ask someone, but only getting a shrug from whoever there is who hears his question.
Taemin's eyes then poured like a waterfall when Minji denies their relationship on the news.
For the next few nights, he ignores the TV, and reads the hate mail and keeps the ones that hurt the most. (He might've kept all of them.)
He still doesn't understand.
So one night, after everyone fell asleep, he left the apartment, ran downstairs to Bom's apartment where it was deserted. He stood by the door and took his phone out. He pressed 2 and put his phone to his ear.
-ring ring-
"Yobo-seyo?" a groggy voice answered. The voice he missed. "Minji..." he breathed. "What?" she whispered. Taemin sniffles unexpectedly. "I don't understand." he says.
"Everything. I don't understand."
"I'm not following." she says, fully awake. "The news, the hate mail, the crank calls, everything. I don't understand." Then he adds, "Minji, I don't understand the news... Please come back home."
He practically hears Minji smiling on the other line.

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thought it would seem funny if i post this. try it! ^^

Choose twelve k-pop idols and answer the following questions.

1. CL

2. Jiyong

3. Minzy

4. Taemin

5. Dara

6. Minho (as in SHINee. I don't know who this Lee Minho dude is. I don't watch BOF.)

7. Bom

8. Jaejoong

9. So You

10. Kikwang

11. Bora

12. Hyun Seung

1) Have you ever read a six/eleven fanfic before?
-No. But i like the idea! They look good together! New ship! Bora/Kikwang FTW!

2) Do you think four is hot? How hot?
-Very hot, but only when he doesn't look like a girl.

3) What would happen if twelve and eight started going out? Hyun Seung and Jaejoong? Let's see, even if it seems freaky, not caring about the bi- part.
There would be a lot of crying. LDR! (Long distance relationship).... *_+

4) Do you recall any fics about nine?
-No. But ideas are flooding now.

5) Would two and six make a good couple?
-Jiyong and Choi Minho... DARA AND CHAERIN DON'T READ THIS!

6) Five/Nine or five/ten?
-Dara and So You, but as friends! The fresh vocals should get together some time!

7) What would happen if seven walked in on two and eight kissing?

8. Make up a summary of a three/ten fanfic.
-Ooh... My third OTP, MinKi. Lesee.. Uh... They met during the thriller stage and from there feelings just started to grow. ^^

9) Is there any thing as one/eight fluff?

10) Suggest a title for a seven/twelve hurt/comfort fic?
-"I Hate YG". Yes, because Hyun Seung got kicked out of BB before debut, making Bom's hate for YG get bigger.

11) Does anyone on your friends list have the same name as three?
-No. But it would be epic if that happened.

12) Does anyone on your friends list draw or write eleven?
-No. But I do. LOL.

13) Have you ever read any two/four/five?
-Jiyong/Taemin/Dara? That's freaky!

14) What might ten scream at a great moment of passion?
-An insane speech where he tells everyone that if he wasn't put in BEAST, this wouldn't have happened.

15) If you wrote a songfic about eight, what song would you use?
-You and I by Bom-ah. ^^

16) If you wrote a one/six/twelve fic, what would the warning be?
-"This fanficition is for yaoi lovers only. Enter at your own risk."

17) What would be a good pick up line for ten to use on two?
-Not pick-up line but friendship line? Is it cool? No? Okay...
"GD sunbaenim..."
"You're my heartbreaker~!"

18) 1 and 8 are in a happy relationship until 5 runs off with 9. After 8 dumps 1 for 12, 6 gets upset and retaliates by dating 12. Alone and broken-hearted, 1 travels in search of a friend. Finally, 1 meets 4 and 7. The three loners meet 10, who tells each of them to look for love. 4 finds 3, 7 gets 11, and 1 finds fellow loner 2 and both of them fall in love!

-Okay... I'm a little confused, but ehm... Go!
CL and Jaejoong are in a happy relationship until Dara runs off with So You. After Jaejoong dumps CL for Hyun Seung, Choi Minho gets upset and retaliates by dating Hyun Seung. Alone and broken-hearted, CL travels in search of a friend. Finally, CL meets Taemin and Bom. The three loners meet Kikwang, who tells each of them to look for love. Taemin finds Minzy (YES!!! ^^), Bom gets Bora, and CL finds fellow loner Jiyong (YES!!! ^^) and both of them fall in love!

19) What would be a good title for this?
-"It'll work out". Well, for TaeJi and Skydragon eventually.

20) What would the genre(s) be?
-Romance, comedy, crack!fic

Decided that you want to join this? Get back to your journal and post and start, then send me the link to your version. Arasso?
Have fun!

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Toothpaste (2NE1-Big Bang crack!fic)

 Thanks to [info]txytxy for the advice on how to copy and paste on livejournal. it was very helpful. I based this fic on the girl group KARA's incident on disappearing toothpaste. ^^ Have fun! This is entirely Dara's POV except when Big Bang wakes up.

I entered the bathroom, feeling drowsy. But I have to brush my teeth. I stood in front of the vanity blinking my eyes quickly. I then picked my toothbrush off the holder. I looked to the mirror’s left side, where the toothpaste holder was. As I opened it and squeezed it, pea-sized toothpaste came out of the tube. I twisted the cap off and I looked inside, but nothing was in there. “Bom-ah! We’re out of toothpaste!” I yelled. “But we just bought that last week!” CL popped her head into the bathroom. “Minji! Did you play with the toothpaste?” I yelled. “Why do you guys always assume it was me?” she yelled back. “What happened to the toothpaste?!” I yelled to the bathroom’s camera.

Two weeks later, the same thing happens all over again. We buy toothpaste and in a week there’s nothing left. What is wrong in the world?

I storm into the bathroom again, feeling hopeless. The toothpaste is gone again! “Bom-ah! Chae Rin-ah! Minji-ah!” I yelled from the bathroom. “Ne unni?” Chae Rin answered. “The toothpaste is gone again!” I yelled. “How did this all happen?” Minji asks. “We lock the house every night, and no one has the key except the PDs, Nanny Choi, sajangnim and…” Bom counts off. “Big Bang.” She whispered. “Big Bang took our toothpaste!?” Chae Rin yelled out. “But don’t you get up in the morning to drink water Bommie unni?” Minji inquired. “Yeah, but I never hear anything coming from the bathroom.” She answers. “Aish, I’m getting mad now!” Chae Rin playfully declared. “I got it!” Minji exclaims.

The next Tuesday, the broadcast of 2NE1 TV, we fervently wait in front of the TV. Then it was the roundly check on the dorm, then we saw Big Bang in their pajamas, with their socks, sneaking into our bathroom, bringing toothbrushes. “Hah!” I shouted. “So what do we do next?” Chae Rin asks. “I have an idea.” Bom smirks.


The next day, Big Bang wakes up and heads to the kitchen. Young Bae starts cooking and Seung Ri heads to the living room with Jiyong, while Dae Sung and Seung Hyun sit on the dining table. “HUL!” Jiyong exclaims. Everyone runs to the living room. “What’s wrong?” Seung Hyun asks. “Oh my god.” Dae Sung exclaims. On their black couch was a message written with something white and smelled like mint.

Here’s your toothpaste.


This was supposed to be my second fic, but nevermind. What do you think?

Best Kept Secret (TaeJi fluff)

I suck! Well, for titles at least. This is some sort of fluff and crack-fic ish. Not sure. LOL. This is also my first sucessful fluff (no, not one-shot, fluff). So I'll write the summary now.

-Dara finds an evil treasure in the world of internet mostly about their innocent maknae and thinks what she finds is real.-

I suck at summaries now. Have fun!

"Minji!!!" Dara called. Minji dashed out of her room and into the living room. "Ne, unnie?" Minji asked as politely and as calmly as possible. But inside, she wanted to yell, 'What!?' but this was her unnie that treated her better than the others. She had to be polite. "What's this!?" Dara yelled, then looked at the iPad, reading to her what she has found.

"They have been walking on the beach for a while and where they were standing the moon was shining bright above them, making the scene very romantic. "I don't care either about my hyungs and your friends fighting... As long as I have you," Taemin said. Unexpectedly, he had laid his lips on hers, kissing her under the moonlight on the beach. They broke their kiss after a few seconds. "Taemin," Minji said. "Yeah?" Taemin asked. "I love you," she said, kissing him softly on the cheek."

Minji widened her eyes while listening to an excerpt of something Dara has found on the internet. "Wha - that never happened! Where did you get that?" Minji tried to grab the iPad from her. "I found it in a web search!" Dara replied. "That never hap - wait, you web searched me?" Minji's agitated look turned into a smirk. "NO! I-I mean someone left your name on the search bar!" Dara replied defensively. "Trust me unnie, that never happened. Where did you get that anyway?" Minji assured her. "In a little website called," then she scrolled up, then her face showed a look of confidence, "community dot livejournal dot com slash," then her confident look turned to an uneasy smile. "2ne1 underscore fiction." then she laughed awkwardly. "Unnie, it's just fanfiction. Trust me, nothing's going on with me and Lee Taemin." Minji assured, sitting beside Dara and hugging her. "Alright. I believe you. But if I find something else you won't have an unnie anymore." Dara declared then stood up and entered her room. Suddenly her phone beeped.

'Message from Lucifer^^'.

'How's it going? ^.^'

'I almost got caught. --+'

'What!? By who!? >_<'

'Dara unnie. >.<'

'Thank god it wasn't a news article. >.<'

'yeah. --"'

'hey Minji?'


'I love you. <3'

'I love you too Lee Taemin. <3 *^^*~'

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